Developer description

Food Finder is a place for foodies in London to find and share amazing restaurants. We're a community of people who love food and want to know the best places to eat around the city. Every day the foodie community grows and we receive even more amazing restaurant recommendations! We want to make it as easy as possible for foodies to find great restaurants. For that reason we have a relentless focus on creating the very best user experience.
We've done things like integrate City Mapper and Uber directly into the site and we are in constant dialogue with the community for feedback and suggestions on how we can do things better. We're not focused on commissions or advertising which is why we are able to provide the very best restaurant recommendations. Anyone can submit a restaurant to Food Finder. To make sure every restaurant is amazing we review the submissions before they go live. If you've found a great restaurant you can submit it for review here or click the add a restaurant button on the homepage. Food Finder was started by Joe Fenton as a weekend project. Since then the community has grown with hundreds of amazing restaurants added to Food Finder.

Last updated 12 May 2015

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