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A complete restaurant POS from ordering to billing for your Android

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Published 10 Feb 2016

[cont'd] order, progress station for your kitchen staff and payment options as well as easy menu creation with photos and a plethora of reports including daily sales reports and shift reports.

Rather cleverly, FoodZaps let's all the relevant departments view the app from their individual perspectives. The chef has the ability to keep the menu updated and monitor the cooking progress, the waiting staff have the menu at their fingertips and can take orders, send them to the kitchen in real time, monitor the progress of every dish for every table and bill the customer. Meanwhile, the manager gets a total overview, can check popular trends and the success of certain promotions as well as keeping an eye on stock levels.

FoodZaps is an unbelievably flexible, complete POS system for Android that excels in both performance and reliability. It is cloud based and backs itself up when online so vital information won't get lost. It's very easy to set up with no hidden costs on top of your regular monthly fee and you don't even have to be connection to the internet during operation. FoodZaps masterstroke is that it is designed for the individual department - whether it be chef, waiting staff or manager - making it very easy to master. This streamlines the whole process of the restaurant experience for both staff and customer with an aim to increase diner satisfaction as well as improving productivity. This simple yet powerful Android app turns your smartphone or...