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The very frst deck-building football app game, NOW IN A SPECIAL WORLD CUP VERSION!

FOOTBALL SEASONS is a fast paced deck-building game about the football world. Manage your deck smartly and

become the best football coach of the whole world!

Your team for the season is made up of a set of cards with different levels of ability, strength, money. You will need to

use your strategist skills to effciently distribute the energy of your team among several competitions. Defeat your

opponents and win the European cups, fly up in the league by winning against rivals and finally be declared as the most

famous coach of the season!

Some other funny and useful cards will help you throughout your work. You can play the Wag: the best way to mark the

opponent are high heels and miniskirt, of course! Or you can drop the Sheik: behind every great team there's always a

big sheik with a heart of gold and a wallet full of cash!

NEW! The Brazil World Cup 2014 is fnally coming and Football Seasons got updated to the 2.5 version: six new

World Stars, and the special card of the current Football Seasons world champion, who is a player from the USA named

Staley. The card's ability was chosen by another player, Bubba, who won an internal contest. A simple game app is

turning more and more into a real global community!

What are you waiting for? Start playing with your friends, see who is the best football coach in the world, and enjoy the

World Cup 2014 even more!

Football Seasons contains:

 5 Different Leagues (English, French, Italian, Spanish, German)

 5 National decks (English, French, Italian, Spanish, German)

 5 Expansion decks (Talented, Actions, Staff, Equipments, Fans)

 13 Super Stars

 6 Worldcup Stars

Football Seasons has different game modes:

 Solo

 Online Asynchronous

 Pass&Play

 Bluetooth

 Wif Local Real Time

Football Seasons supports different languages:

 English

 Spanish

 Italian

 German

 French

 Chinese

To play FOOTBALL SEASONS you need iPad2 or iPhone3GS, with iOS 6.1 minimum.

Last updated 29 May 2014