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Not only the goto place for Euro 21 news but a wagering prediction game for you and your friends

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footfoot is the best platform to organize your private prediction contest.

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Published 10 Jun 2021

It doesn't matter what you want to call it - football or soccer - the fact is, it's the most popular sport in the world. What's just around the corner is probably the second most important football tournament of them all - Euro 21. So, who do you think is going to win it? The French are favorites but they've been known to implode before when having the best team around. Belgium are the number one rated international team in the world right now. Maybe Spain? The Germans? Italy (no, it's never Italy these days.) To celebrate Euro 21, we have a new poker-inspired wagering game to play with. footfoot is a private football prediction contest that you can play with your family and friends for fun or money. 

It's a simple game. Just choose the matches that you want to 'play,' invite your friends to join you in a private space with secure messaging and enjoy the action. It only takes a few clicks to get everything going. You can just play for fun but, in true poker fashion, you can also add a prize pool that the best can share. While you can simply play for the glory of victory on its own, you can declare at the beginning of each round that it's time to up the ante and modify the stakes with footcoins. You can call on participants to play a footcoins bet with the best tipster(s) picking up the...