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Not only the goto place for Euro 21 news but a wagering prediction game for you and your friends

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Published 10 Jun 2021

[cont'd] prize pool. The more people you invite to play, the bigger the prize pool. 

So, the tournament starts off on June 11th with one of the most interesting games you could imagine. Turkey against Italy. In normal times, you'd pick Italy every time but the Turks are on a red hot streak of late and there could well be an upset on the cards. Mind you, if you look at previous tournaments, the first game is more often than not a draw as teams get to know the surroundings and get used to the atmosphere. Let's not forget that this tournament is carried over from 2020 where it was cancelled because of Covid and no team wants to be the first one to duck out. 

footfoot not only delivers a game for you and your friends. It also gives all the inside information on the tournament as it pans out. It's the goto place to find out all the up-to-date news about your club including detailed summaries of games and the latest transfer news as well as live scores and videos of the action etc. Just like in a regular social network, you can share stories and comment on posts as the action unfolds.

footfoot is an app game for true football fans. It delivers all the news about your favorite teams as well as a private prediction game that can be played for money or simply for the love of the game...