Developer description

Footush is a real time video rating app for promotional video of new launches & release. The current app version caters to entertainment industry especially movie & theatre plays. With Footush users will get all relevant information about new launches and releases based on their selected language preferences. Users can Watch & Rate events like new launches & releases including upcoming movies, trailers (of preferred movie languages) from all over the word.

Product Attribute-
1. Multiple movie Language based promotional video feed (dynamic subscription model)
2. Watch & Real time rating of movie/theatre play trailers & movies and cast & crew after release
3. Real time Movie/Trailers/Cast & crew rating statistics.
4. All relevant movie information including release info per country

Product Benefits-
1. Audiences (user) becomes real judge. Their rating (opinion) matters the most.
2. User judgement/rating on new releases & launches heard all across in real time
3. Fully Updated about new movie/theatre play release in one’s own country
4. Help others through real time rating by breaking the hype surrounding movie release. (substance matters)

Last updated 13 Jun 2019