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Developer description

Forensic digital analysis software examines email evidence without losing any important metadata information. The recovery by the email examiner software tends to recover multiple email archives. Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Exchange, The Bat, Sea Monkey, IncrediMail, MBOX, Eudora, MBX etc mailbox are easily accessible email analyzer platform which helps in analyzing digital evidence with previews like hexadecimal code, properties view, MIME header representation, attachment view. To avail the greatest opportunity to handle forensic digital analysis with email examiner user can try the free edition of this utility without paying any nominal charges. The digital forensic software perform forensic email recovery, digital evidence analysis, searching suspected mail items, examining evidence with different previews & finally transfer mailbox items in other file type to access them in other email platform. Download email examiner free and get satisfied yourself by checking all the appropriate functionalities.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015