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Wanna become a Forex trader? This is where you start.

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Forex Hero trading game is a unique learning app for beginners who want to learn forex trading. ... More

Editor's review

Published 25 Jan 2019

I think it was Warren Buffet who once famously stated that investing isn't a game where the guy with the 160 IQ beats the guy with the 130 IQ. His point being, of course, that you don't have to be a rocket scientist to make money trading currency on Forex. You just have to understand 'the game' and be well informed. So, how do you get into the game? Well, there are hundreds of books out there - most of which claim to be the best on the market. Then there are the seminars and workshops where experts will tell you their secrets to successful trading. There are even colleges that reckon they can turn you into a top class trader. However, the consensus of opinion on many of these is that they can be expensive and the material and teaching methods can be rather tedious and filled with dry theory.

Forex Hero is an all-encompassing business education app for Android and iOS that adds a fun element to its learning capabilities in the art of Forex currency trading. It's an app that will give you all the strategies and all the tricks that work to help you to predict worldwide currency movements. For beginners in the field, Forex Hero is the most effective and motivating way of understanding and mastering forex trading and world economics. The app will show you how traders make money by studying and analyzing - among many other things - news sites, important political speeches, impending military conflicts, weather and climate forecasts and even the latest scandal to hit the front page of the tabloid press. For the successful forex trader, all knowledge is important.

The app comes with a whole bunch of features to help forex newcomers understand and conquer the market. There are four main parts to the app - the school, the quiz, a trend predictor and a listing of forex opening hours around the world. The school element includes a beautifully illustrated and simple to understand e-book that demonstrates the principles and secrets of currency trading and unveils the one rule that many businesses fail to take advantage of. For each school topic completed, you will earn a virtual $50 that can be used for unlocking and playing the Trend Predictor. But more about that later. The real fun starts with the cool forex trivia quiz where you can test the skills you've learned. Here is where you will expand your knowledge as you read the explanations that come with the quiz answers. Each correct answer earns you $10 in virtual 'game money' which can be used in the Trend Predicting feature. 

Once you've mastered the school and the quiz you can test out your new found knowledge in the interactive Trend Predictor. To prove your worth, you will have to have gathered together a minimum of $200 virtual dollars from answering questions correctly. Basically, Trend Predictor is a trading simulation 'game' where you can test out the knowledge that you've acquired and see how well you fare. You are given short descriptions of real-life situations and have to determine which way the currency pair rate will move by pushing a button on an interactive chart.  Here you will see just how the professional traders manage to predict currency movements around the world and how they make their money. With each answered question you will earn or lose the exact amount of virtual money that you would have if you did bet with real money when the event occurred. So, you can see how the forex works without risking your own money. It is a unique experience as there is no other place that uses such a large collection of historical events that show the effects on the forex rates. Each question gives a detailed explanation after you have answered, so you can truly understand the secrets of how to trade forex and how the pros make their decisions regarding currency forecasts. Finally, forex market hours is an interactive tool that lets you discover the best and worst times to trade forex. You will uncover which hours of the day bring the highest potential profits and which hours can bring you losses. 

Forex Hero is the doyen of learning apps for those wanting to break into the world of currency trading. Many first time traders lose all their money if they don't know which factors influence the currency rates and how to analyze those factors. The app is fast. it's very informative. Its interactive. It's a lot more fun than similar, rather dour apps and it's completely free with no ads to put up with and no sign up required. Everything is based around tried and tested, real world scenarios that come straight from the pros in the business. Forex Hero is available now for Android and iOS in their relevant app stores. 

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