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Wanna become a Forex trader? This is where you start.

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Published 25 Jan 2019

[cont'd] impending military conflicts, weather and climate forecasts and even the latest scandal to hit the front page of the tabloid press. For the successful forex trader, all knowledge is important.

The app comes with a whole bunch of features to help forex newcomers understand and conquer the market. There are four main parts to the app - the school, the quiz, a trend predictor and a listing of forex opening hours around the world. The school element includes a beautifully illustrated and simple to understand e-book that demonstrates the principles and secrets of currency trading and unveils the one rule that many businesses fail to take advantage of. For each school topic completed, you will earn a virtual $50 that can be used for unlocking and playing the Trend Predictor. But more about that later. The real fun starts with the cool forex trivia quiz where you can test the skills you've learned. Here is where you will expand your knowledge as you read the explanations that come with the quiz answers. Each correct answer earns you $10 in virtual 'game money' which can be used in the Trend Predicting feature. 

Once you've mastered the school and the quiz you can test out your new found knowledge in the interactive Trend Predictor. To prove your worth, you will have to have gathered together a minimum of $200 virtual dollars from answering questions correctly. Basically, Trend Predictor is a trading simulation 'game' where you can test out...