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Wanna become a Forex trader? This is where you start.

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Published 25 Jan 2019

[cont'd] the knowledge that you've acquired and see how well you fare. You are given short descriptions of real-life situations and have to determine which way the currency pair rate will move by pushing a button on an interactive chart.  Here you will see just how the professional traders manage to predict currency movements around the world and how they make their money. With each answered question you will earn or lose the exact amount of virtual money that you would have if you did bet with real money when the event occurred. So, you can see how the forex works without risking your own money. It is a unique experience as there is no other place that uses such a large collection of historical events that show the effects on the forex rates. Each question gives a detailed explanation after you have answered, so you can truly understand the secrets of how to trade forex and how the pros make their decisions regarding currency forecasts. Finally, forex market hours is an interactive tool that lets you discover the best and worst times to trade forex. You will uncover which hours of the day bring the highest potential profits and which hours can bring you losses. 

Forex Hero is the doyen of learning apps for those wanting to break into the world of currency trading. Many first time traders lose all their money if they don't know which factors influence the currency rates and...