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Published 24 Mar 2012

With so many of our friends and relatives spread across the world these days we are all constantly looking for the cheapest way to keep in contact with them - wherever they are. Forfone is a free voip and phone communication application for iPhone and Android that enables users to make free phone calls and send free text messages to other forfone users wherever they may be in the world. Even if they aren't a forfone user they also provide a low cost and affordable service to any landline or mobile in the world.
With forfone you can make free worldwide on- net calls to other forfone users and also send free text messages and pictures to other forfone users worldwide. And at very low cost you can easily call any other landline or mobile phone number worldwide. It will work worldwide with WiFi, 3G and 4G/LTE technology and can easily integrate your phonebook and allow you the quick and direct dialling of any contact in your phone. There are no contracts involved, there is no minimum turnover and no basic fee. You can use forfone as the perfect add-on to your existing mobile plan and use the forfone service for free or cheap calls whenever and where you want.  works worldwide with WIFI, 3G and 4G / LTE. This means that free calls, free text messages and cheap calls to all other networks are also available abroad. Text messages are answerable and, with their geo-localisation tool it also offers the possibility to send your exact position to your contacts as well as opening a map to get directions to find one of your friends!
forfone is a very user friendly and familiar looking free call and text application for connection to other forfone users that will work nicely alongside your regular service. It also provides cheap phone calls to non forfone users and you should head to to check on current prices. forgone is a great service to encourage you to stay in touch globally with friends and family at little or no cost. Video Calls and windows 7 integration are just a few of the features that will follow – so there is a lot more we can expect from forfone! The only thing i will say here though you is to keep an eye on the roaming terms of your personal plan. Otherwise, it's hard to knock.

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