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The perfect waiting staff in the palm of your hand

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Forkspot, detects your phone instantly at restaurants, then shows discounts and recommends most ... More

Editor's review

Published 9 Aug 2017

In an ideal world, it would be just perfect if your restaurant waiting staff could tell every single customer about all the discounts and deals that are available as well as the most popular items on the menu as soon as they walk through the door. Your best staff will undoubtedly do that already but, chances are, not all of them will adhere to those principles. So, given that every person and their dog seems to own a smartphone these days, wouldn't it be good to utilize that technology to get the massage across? For diners, it would be a bit like having the perfect waiting staff right there in the palm of their hand.

Forkspot is a new restaurant app for both Android and iOS that connects restaurants and foodies by showing customers' the best discounts, special deals and the most popular items on the menu as soon as they walk through the door. Throw in a last minute 10% discount after the morning rush hour or a two for one deal for happy hour and your real-time Forkspot app will do the advertising for you immediately. Whether you have a restaurant, a bar or just the local coffee shop, there's no better way to get your message across succinctly.

The app is incredibly easy to use and aims to reinvent the way that food and drink establishments interact with their customers. Confusion about deals becomes a thing of the past because the diner has all the information they need the moment they cross the threshold.  It will deliver real time discounts and instant recommendations to diners based on the menu items that customers love the most. No longer will your staff have to tell people the most popular burger or pizza on the menu as they will be listed on the app based on recommendations from other diners. Diners are asked to offer an honest review of the service after their dining or drinking experience with Forkspot using IBeacon to ensure that all reviews are valid and authentic.

Restaurant owners and managers will love Forkspot because the app allows them to deal with more customers, they will get better feedback and be able to plan their daily strategy better. What's more, the app offers a true one-of-a-kind 'pay per walk-in' marketing platform, where a restaurant is charged a small fee only if Forkspot generates that foot traffic. This is a much better advertising campaign than printing costly posters or creating expensive media ads that have to get paid whether they are effective or not. By having the app on their phone, customers will never miss another restaurant discount deal again. Their smartphone will be notified instantly if it finds a discount at its current location even if the Forkspot app is closed.

Right now, Forkspot is only available in a few locations in the US. Namely Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County, CA. However, with more and more restaurants, diners, bars and coffee shops signing up on a daily basis, it's reasonable to expect that the service will spread West to East and North to South at a rapid rate over the coming months. Oh, and there's one other thing. Forkspot automatically compares Lyft and Uber fares to any of their associated restaurants and you can book the cheapest ride with just the touch of a button. Forkspot is available now for free download for iPhone, iPad and Android.

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