Developer description

Collect & Analyze form submission data securely.
Zero backend code for all your forms and data influx needs. Capture form submission data using plain HTML or with our API library. Analyze user stats and sentiment analysis.

Secure by Design
All your data is protected using honeypots, rate limiting, and automatic blacklisting from malicious entries.

Defend your forms and all data entries with honeypots. An additional field will block and blacklist incoming malicious entries.

Export Options
You own your data. Export all of your data entries to either CSV (comma separated value) or JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). To SQL and other options coming late February 2018.

Email/SMS Notifications
Get notified immediately when a form submission has been received. SMS notifications coming February 2018.

Sentiment Analysis
Use sentiment analysis in a designated field. Whether is one word, or up to 500 characters, we compute a sentiment score and display it along the rest of the data entry fields.

User Analytics
Analyze all your form submissions by location, and device, giving you fine control of where your users are coming from.

Total Control
Immediately stop a form or an entire group of forms from running by turning off on the running switch on the app. Easy controls to turn on and off various features of a running form, from sentiment analysis to notifications.

Integrations via Webhooks & Redirects
Send form submissions to a custom URL of your choice using webhooks. With redirect enabled, send your users to either a default thank you page, or a custom URL of your choice.

Go beyond HTML forms with our API Node library. We provide you with a unique API secret key to use for all your IO data requests.

and More...
We'll keep adding more features and bug fixes each month. We'll keep you informed of all changes, and bug fix requests will take precedence over anything.

Last updated 8 Jan 2018

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