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FormBakery is simple, easy to use, form generator. No sign up required. It generates human ... More

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Published 6 Dec 2011

Creating bespoke web forms seems easy at first. The HTML side of things is pretty easy but as soon as you start adding a bit of style to things it starts to turn into a lengthy, laborious and time consuming task. FormBakery is an easy-to-use business app that helps you create effective and stylish web forms with the minimum of fuss and bother. FormBakery is a simple and very easy to use form generator with no sign up required. It generates human readable code, semantically marked up HTML, javascript validation, PHP server side validation and CSS for well designed forms with a drag and drop functionality that make it simple and easy to use!

FormBakery creates forms that work and let's you export meticulous code in minutes. It lets you create web forms that you can instantly deploy on your website and comes with a easy-to-use interface. A decent form with it's client and server side validation can easily run you a few hours in billable time. Imagine the time and money you can save. FormBakery provides simple validation and checks for form elements which can be confirmed with the client and the server before sending your form. Just hover on a form element and click 'options' to apply validation. The majority of form creators won't let you export the server side code but FormBakery will give you everything that makes your form work and excel.

If you farmed your web forms out to your normal freelance...