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FormMule takes the donkey work out of online form building by empowering users with a simple ... More

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Published 22 Oct 2013

It's interesting that FormMule uses a mule as its logo because this form building application really does take the donkeywork out of the business of creating forms online for your data. In the past, it's been pretty easy to create forms to collect data of all sorts online - assuming that you have a pretty good knowledge of coding, that is. But how about the rest of us? Well, FormMule solves that problem in an instant by letting you create them for all your needs - whether that be for your business, for birthday parties and weddings or for anything else you might need to collect information online.
FormMule saves time and money by literally taking the donkey-work out of online form building. It provides you with everything you need to create any type of data collection form by using simple drag and drop technology. Once you’ve created your form, the app takes care of everything else including databases, hosting, security, backups and even sending confirmation emails. All you need to create any type of data collection form is your web browser and a couple of spare minutes. Birthday invites and wedding invitations can be created in a flash but the app can also be a business tool and provide you with everything from time tracking, bug reporting forms and feedback forms as well as customer satisfaction surveys and payment forms. In fact, there are no limits to the types of forms or surveys that can be created. FormMule...