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Published 22 Oct 2013

[cont'd] also has great business reporting features -once again using the simple and easy to use drag and drop technology - to help you to design stunning reports that your boss will love.
The best thing about an application like FormMule is that it takes yet another business procedure out of the hands of techno geeks and makes it easy for the regular business-person to use. Anyone can create any type of data collection form very easily using FormMule - and they can do it in minutes. There's no more tricky designing or behind the scenes work. Just drag and drop the info you are looking for into your form builder and the app does everything else automatically. With 30 different field types to choose from you will be able to create virtually any type of HTML form - from a simple contact form, an invitation, a new mailing list or even the most complicated surveys using conditional logic and multi-paging. There are several different pricing plans for FormMule including a free one for small businesses. Save yourself some time and money by creating forms for all your needs without having to have a degree in web coding.