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Choosing which website to make your homepage can be a tough decision especially when you have a lot of great websites you visit often, not anymore, The Internets Most Visited and Useful sites are now available in one place, FortySevens (, It is a start page and a directory of the best websites. A start page is a web page containing useful links or information which appears when a web browser starts. Start pages may include news, weather, games, and other information and web gadgets.

Forty Sevens is the perfect example, it was founded in the early months of 2012, it is a start page that is tailored to meet the needs of most internet users. groups websites of similar content together, each website is represented by its logo and an external link to that website. Now its easier than ever to find useful and helpful websites that are ranked high on the web in one website at one click, check your email, news, and friend updates from one place. Most people use a search engine, or a news website as their homepage, and now they can have the best of both by having a home page that features a group of top news websites that users can choose from. categorizes websites in 40 categories such as sports, tech, business, travel and many more, and gives users a chance to discover websites they have been trying to find for a long time.

Last updated 7 Apr 2012

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