Developer description

Fourben is a challenging speed and reaction game.

In Fourben the regular appearing chips have to be dragged into colour matching baskets. Here speed is needed! Chips will spawn faster over time, until the given time interval is expired and thereby the level successfully completed. If there is no more space on the board or all lives are depleted, the level is lost.

The game is free of cost and contains no advertisement, it can be played directly.


• Fourben is easy to play but still challenging.
• Over 20 different game variants.
• Nine prefabricated scenarios.
• Hundreds of possibilities in the endless game.
• Five different levels of difficulty.

In Fourben the regular appearing chips have to be dragged into colour matching baskets, due to this base mechanic of the game, it is easy to learn.
Nevertheless, by the more and more quickly appearing chips the game is challenging and remains constantly exciting.

Because of over 20 different variants, the game never becomes boring. Every variant offers a new experience.

In nine prefabricated scenarios different game variants are combined, this wakes tired minds!

The endless game can be played with none, one, two or three randomly chosen variants. There are hundreds of possibilities to experience the game in a new way!

The game is playable on five different levels of difficulty:
- Easy: The game can be relaxed played and the different variants can be enjoyed calmly.
- Normal: The game is challenging and offers an optimal experience.
- Hard: For experienced players, who likes it a bit harder.
- Extreme: A thrill of speed which requires a great deal of skill.
- Impossible: The ultimate challenge for hardcore players.

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Last updated 6 Dec 2018

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