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"Smoke on the Water" anyone? Fun and unique guitar karaoke for everyone

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Hi fellow music lovers,
As you might know, our drinking water is a little different in Finland. ... More

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Published 7 Dec 2012

There was a report a few years ago in a prominent British music paper that claimed in big bold letters that the guitar was dead. That year in the UK they sold more turntables than they did guitars. But when I look at the music business now all isles guitars so I guess that theory went out the window. You see, guitars are just so damned user friendly. So that's where Four ChordsHD comes in handy. Apparently, half of the people who attempt to learn to play guitar give up before they get proficient and much of that comes down to poor teaching techniques. Four Chords is a guitar karaoke application that makes it easier to learn as well as providing some great fun along the way.
Four Chords HD is a great tool for learning guitar and jamming with your friends - something unique in the app world. was developed by a bunch of Finnish guitar players and IT professionals whose main aim was to solve a couple of problems. First up, they wanted to address the hardest part of learning to play the guitar - the difficult early days when you pick up the guitar in the first place. Secondly, being a karaoke app it was vital that lyrics and chords are available so you can jam with your friends or on your own. The mission was to give all the wanna-be-guitarists out there a real chance to play their favorite songs before they get frustrated and quit...