Developer description

"FranTV Franchise Television" is the companion Mobile App for the FranTV Franchise Television Show.

FranTV is a nationally televised call-in radio show that is simulcast on television in a unique, edgy, interactive format. The show is produced, hosted, and broadcast by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Over 10% of all businesses in the US are Franchises. FranTV is a television show developed just for the Franchising community of small business owners and operators.

FranTV Franchise Television delivers an entertaining reality television show using a talk radio format that showcases people creating and growing their own successful franchises.

The companion Mobile App for FranTV Franchise Television brings the latest in Business and Franchising News content right into consumers’ hands.

In addition, it provides an interactive venue to raise awareness and enlist the public's support for independent small business owners.

The Mobile App allows consumers On Demand Video Access to the latest in Franchising News, Insightful Business Interviews, and General Business Information.

Last updated 5 Jul 2012

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