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Tracking your time—for your clients, for yourself—doesn’t have to be a dreaded task. ... More

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Published 14 Oct 2011

Time waits for no man as they say so if you’re business relies on charging for it you’d better make sure you track it accurately.

What a tedious job it is though and that very tedium is usually the cause of lost minutes. Those lost minutes turn into hours and before you know it you’re waving goodbye to serious cash.

A fun way of going about it in an easy to use application would almost certainly up your game and you might just find that very combination with freckle.

It’s true, there are a lot of time tracking apps around and all of them provide a better option than the pen and paper method. What I like about freckle though is that it gives you all of the tools you need and generates all the reports you could wish for all in the form of great colorful and fun graphics.

Set up a project, allocate a team and set the timer running. Pause and stop when an irritating interruption stops by your desk and then pull all of the time together to create an invoice for your client.

Whilst you and the team are busy working freckle ticks away in the background and puts together the kind of reports that you’d never have dreamed of in the old days. From comparing actuals to budgets or billable against non-billable hours, you’ll get an instant overview of how the business is doing. And when it comes to team accountability you can easily...