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Published 5 Feb 2020

It was just the other day that the American President, while congratulating the Super Bowl winners - the Kansas City Chiefs, told the world that they've made the whole of Kansas proud. That's very nice except that the Chiefs play in Missouri rather than in Kansas. A simple mistake that anyone could make but it just goes to show that sometimes our geographical knowledge isn't all it could be. I guess that, while we are exposed more than ever to news from all over the world, we don't take a lot of it in. Looking at a map myself the other day I was astounded that Kazakhstan is actually bigger than India. What we really need is a world game like Monopoly that puts places like Ukraine and Kazakhstan on the board and improves our knowledge and love for far flung places. 

Here we have a game for iOS that could very well fill that void. Freddy - Play, Tour, Learn is an augmented reality, educational travel game that helps you discover cities from all over the world and the many treasures they hold. I mention treasures because, apart from obvious delights like the Louvre in Paris and the Great Wall in China, this informative, fun and colorful game lets you walk, explore and discover all the sights of a city on your smartphone while collecting a treasure trove of points, rewards and prizes along the way. 

Just open the game and the travel map, choose a country and a favored city and you can interact with the game and discover all the wonderful things to do there. Freddy lets you share your own knowledge of a city that you know and earn rewards as you do it. It's a new way of sharing and receiving travel knowledge with others as you virtually walk, tour and capture treasures along the way. You can play the game from the comfort of your couch at home or discover some of the delights of a place as you travel. If you are on a trip, rather than signing up to a travel group on a rainy day you can just open the map on the Freddy app and start exploring the sights of the city from within. Don't worry about getting lost. Freddy will always be there to help you if you lose your way. 

As you walk, you'll see a lot of points of interests around you. If you click on them, you’ll learn all about their hidden stories based on the categories of information that interest you: ie the history of the place, the music and art that inspired it, the hidden mysteries that make it special, the animals that inhabit it and plenty more besides. When you arrive at your destination, your camera will open and you can throw a ball to Freddy and he will show you interesting things to see and do. However, if you don't feel like wandering around and would rather just go on a tour put together by a fellow traveler or expat and learn more about a city from a local's point of view you can book one of the self guided tours in augmented reality and see the world at your own pace. You can comment, like and share any great sights.

As an added bonus to having all this knowledge at your fingertips you will come across various treasure chests as you virtually walk the streets. If you walk over them you'll unlock treasures that you can capture. These will deliver you free concert tickets, movie premieres, city trips and points. There are various prizes to be won with everything from phones to travel vouchers up for grabs. The more you play and discover, the more points you'll collect. The higher you score, the better chance you'll have of unlocking exclusive prizes - many of which are only available to users who reach the high scores. Every week, Freddy will hide treasures around the world with the winners being featured in the app and the website along with their score. Freddy - Play, Tour, Learn is available now for iPhone and iPad from the App Store. 

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