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Developer description

Free Business Cards Creator now you can make them yourself at BizCardCreator,
Use our system to make your own customized cards and matching letterhead that you can print instantly.
To create your own cards and letterhead select your favorite template, choose your colors, use one of our logos from our library or one of your own.
Decide which background color to use, you may use one of our background images or use your own background.
Our built in fonts can be selected or enter a font of your choosing. Set your font sizes for further customization.
The back side of the card can also be utilized to give you double sided business cards.

BizCardCreator also has a help section to show you how to design cards that sell.
There is information about how to choose fonts and how to get the best results when printing.
You don't need anything special to use BizCardCreator, you can even use plain card stock if you wish.

The best part is that there is nothing to join and nothing to pay. You are welcome to make as many cards and letterhead as you like.
BizCardCreator can be used any time of day with no membership or obligation, the way it has been since August 2006.

Last updated 29 Apr 2013