Developer description

Free mobile flashlight Without Super Simple Advertising, hit the center of the screen and will turn on the LED of your camera, in addition to blocking the mobile or leaving the App in the background, the light will remain on.

The App only weighs 0.6 MB thanks to the fact that it is optimized so it starts very fast and turns on and off very quickly so you can even make messages in morse code, if necessary.

Clicking on the center of the screen will turn on the flashlight and the button on the flashlight will turn green to indicate that it is on as if it were a real green flashlight.

The first time you open the application asks permissions to use the camera because the LED flash device that is used for the flashlight is a component of the camera and therefore needs permissions of the same, But does not use the camera at all just for the powerful LED light of the Flash.

Thanks to its versatility This application can be useful in many situations where you can not see in the dark and therefore is an almost necessary tool for your smartphone every day.

- Quick Start
- Weighs only 0.6 MB
- Simple and Practical Design
- Works by turning off the display or in the background by locking the device
- Easy to use
- Simple and effective
- Lightweight and Non-Advertising
- Compatible with over 10,000 devices

Last updated 30 Jan 2019