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Published 20 Mar 2015

It is often thought that, once you've put all the hard work into designing and unleashing your website onto the online world, that all the hard work is done. The fact is, that's only the beginning of the story. Now’s the time when you have to nurture your visitors and customers and convince them that you know what you are doing and can solve their problems. The best way to achieve this is undoubtedly with a live chat option where you can communicate with potential and existing customers, increase your conversion rates and deal with situations instantly rather than using clumsy and time consuming email. Of course, there are many live chat applications available but Free Live Chat Service looks to be one of the better ways of achieving it.
Free Live Chat Service is a completely free live chat service that lets you add a chat box to your website in a flash with no costs, no ads and with the option of using multiple operators to answer questions from your visitors and customers. This means, rather than having one designated person to answer queries, whichever of your team members answers the chat query first gets to follow it through. Visitors won't get confused by multiple operators attempting to answer questions and will lead to a much simpler and less confusing outcome. You also won't have to have a degree in computer technology in order to use the service as there's nothing to download or install. All you need to do is to add a small piece of JavaScript code to the bottom of your page and you'll be chatting to your visitors in no time via the widget. It's kinda like the way you add Google Analytics to your website - simple, easy and effective. After you have done that, all you have to do is to head back to the website and open up the chat console page. For as long as that page is open, you will be seen as 'online' and can accept chats via the slide-up interface. But there's more. You will also be able to see everyone who is browsing your site and find out how long they've been there and when they were previously seen. There is no limit to the amount of chats you can accept and no limit to the amount of operators that can answer queries.
Adding live chat to your website is almost a must-have if you are selling online. You need to be able to answer questions immediately in this cut-throat business world. Some businesses have whole departments to deal with customer enquiries but Free Live Chat Services gives all sizes of business the same opportunity - whether there's just one person or 101. It's easy to set up, simple to operate and a very convenient addition to your online selling arsenal. Another great bonus is the lack of ads that many similar services seem to throw in without you realizing it. If you are looking for a simple and effective solution to increase conversion rates and deal immediately with customer enquiries, it's hard to imagine a more useful one as this. And, of course, it's totally free!

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