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Published 30 Dec 2012

The last couple of years have seen sales of iPhone and iPad go through the roof and now every man and his dog seems to have a tablet under their arm or an iDevice of one sort or another in their pocket. While many of us are avid music fans and have copious amounts of music to sync at home, many out there have music players on their devices that don't get used because they can't be bothered. They think downloading is too complicated. Well, especially for those people there is a new music application called Free Music Download Pro Plus available now. This iOS device is a music player that lets you download from thousands of available music, videos, lyrics, live concerts and audio books. And all this is free and totally legal.
While there are plenty of music downloading apps available these days its a little rarer to find ones that deliver music for free. Free Music Download Pro Plus gives everyone the chance to have music at their fingertips by providing a great little music player for your iOS device. And, not only is it a fully functioning music player but it's also a completely free and legal music downloading service for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It's a simple to use, one touch downloading service that connects you to the many free downloading sites available where, with one click, you can search and download your favorite music. Choose from one of...