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Developer description

The Hardest, Most relentless endless runner on mobile!
- Endless Mayhem and fun.
- Vibrant and unique artstyle.
- Compete against friends to set high scores!
- Use Flags to save checkpoints.

Free the Network never gets harder, it is relentless and unforgiving from the beginning, you must use your skill instincts and memory to best the game and set a high score!

Free the Network is a frustratingly simple twitch style endless runner, with a vibrant artstyle and audio score that hypnotise your senses as you rotate your perpetual ball left and right to dodge incoming obstacles creating a swarm of mesmerizingly intense gameplay.

While in-game, the player is able to drop a flag which acts as a checkpoint, starting them at the flag’s location the next time they are destroyed. This allows the player to constantly progress through the game’s zones, testing their mettle against the traps that lay ahead. Players are able to purchase flags in the game’s store and can also get flags for free through other promotional means, such as liking us on Facebook.

Be warned! There is no easy mode. There is no beginner level. There is no tutorial. And, there is no friendly paper clip to help you along. There is only the next obstacle.

How far can you roll?

Last updated 6 Jul 2014