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Web Start Today provides Do It Yourself Websites with 1,000s of compelling designs and ... More

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Published 28 Aug 2012

While I'm certainly not calling this website design builder 'websites for dummies' it does impress with its pure simplicity. WebStart Today is literally a do-it-yourself website solution that specializes in providing small businesses with a very affordable way of announcing their online presence. With this easy to use web design app you can choose from thousands of great designs and SEO friendly content in a step-by-step process without any great technical skills needed at all. They also offer free websites published on a shared domain name  as well as several well priced paid versions with domain name options.
You've thought about building your own business website. You know that a strong online presence is exactly what you need to achieve the business results you're looking for, but you're not sure where to start. That is where WebStart Today comes in by providing DIY websites with thousands of compelling and impressive designs and heaps of search-engine-friendly content that is targeted to a wide range of industries. The aim, of course, is to provide a site to engage visitors while building business credibility and at a reasonable cost. When you have created your site using the simple step-by-step system you can publish it via a free website on a shared domain name or by using one of the several reasonably priced billing plans with your owndomain name included for 1-year terms or longer. WebStart Today (not to be confused with the WebStarts app that FeedMyApp reviewed recently...