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Published 28 Aug 2012

[cont'd] is designed and fits in perfectly with the small business owner who may be short on time and money but knows a website is essential for the future of their business. Create your free account with just an email address to start. Select your industry and business category and then choose from the hundreds of industry specific designs available. Then it's simple to customize your content and add multimedia and features from the in house library or by uploading your own before publishing your unique masterpiece in just a few clicks.
WebStart Today is great way for everyone from an interior designer on the way up to the bespoke artist trying to make a name for themselves to create a cost effective website that can be up and running in minutes with all the trimmings included. It was designed specifically as a free or low cost way of encouraging small businesses to have the same online presence as far larger organizations. To make it even simpler to get involved, WebStart Today is ridiculously user friendly with thousands of industry specific designs to choose from. So, no more procrastination please. If it's a website you are looking for then this website design building app offers a hell of a lot of reasons to be looked at very closely.