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Freegler is a peer-to-peer community site that allows you to rent things around your house or ... More

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Published 1 Dec 2011

Have a look around the house. I bet you have a whole bunch of stuff hanging around the place that your neighbors would love to borrow if they got the chance. Maybe it's that big tent that you haven't used for five years or the power tool you haven't taken out of the box since the renovations. Freegler is a community site that gives you the opportunity to rent the stuff you have lying around the house and taking up space when it could be making money for you.

Freegler is a peer-to-peer community site that allows you to rent things around your house or workplace to your neighbors and make a bit of money at the same time. You can rent anything from camping and sporting goods, gardening equipment, kitchen items, power name it. It’s free to list an item and it will appear immediately after you list. Our society today produces a massive excess of goods and things. Many of which are bought, used once and stuck in a cupboard and totally forgotten about. Most of us have loads of such items littered around our homes and workplaces. With a planet that is struggling to sustain such consumption we really have to get smarter about how we consume goods while maintaining our current lifestyles. Further still they can be expensive items and that money that could be better spent elsewhere in the family or business budget. Freegler allows you to consider that perhaps next time you need something for a job around the house whether it is for that annual camping trip or party needs for a big celebration then why not rent from a neighbour and meet them at the same time! 

We've all got great stuff hanging around the house that is still very useful haven't we? And most of us have neighbors that we don't meet up with very often and get to know. Freegler is a unique way of solving both problems. It's free to list an item on Freegler though they do take a small commision and service fee when a transaction takes place. You set the rental and deposit price and transactions take place through Pay Pal. If you have stuff lying around the house or your business that's still very useful but not used much why not make it into a cash crop. You know it makes sense.

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