Developer description

Freeway, a Santa Monica, Calif.-based startup, aims to connect users with new products that are relevant to their lifestyle and gives them a chance to win them for free. Users can play branded web-based games that they find via the Freeway app on Android or iOS. The more that people use it, the more they have a chance to win free products as rewards. Freeway considers themselves as matchmakers, creating an environment that helps foster the initial connection between consumers and brands.
Freeway collects user preferences with the aim of helping players discover products that they want. They have 12 corporate partners who have provided an initial batch of $30,000 for the first month of rewards. Freeway wants to help its partners, who provide the prizes, break through the clutter and get better exposure.
Freeway was founded to create a unique and engaging advertising medium for brands in the cluttered digital space. Users on Freeway are not viewing ads; they are proactively choosing to engage with brands that spark their interest. Freeway helps consumers find products they love and allows partner brands to deliver engaging and target specific mobile ads.
The self-funded company was founded earlier this year, and it has three employees. Founders Ben Umber and Bryan Hawkins went through the Lavin Entrepreneurship program at San Diego State University. They worked in the corporate world for a couple of years and then came up with the idea for their business in a weekend brainstorming session.

Last updated 13 Jul 2014