Developer description

Freq is a new video app that wants to bring out the weird and wonderful side of your personality through user generated creative challenges. Challenges can be anything from “How fast can you say the alphabet?” to more “Frankenstein dance moves”, and anyone can respond with their own interpretation of the title. Users can also create their own challenges and invite their friends to join in to make an epic chain of fun and silly videos.

Browse the Freq network to see people pretending to be animals, rapping backwards, acting out their favourite movie scene and more! Join in the fun by liking, commenting or add your own video if inspiration strikes.

Freq is a place to be silly, extraordinary, and adventurous. The place for your Freq-y side.

We want to hear your ideas! Send us feedback via [email protected] or tweet us @freqiverse.

Last updated 18 Sep 2018

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