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Friendthem is an on-the-spot, "real time" application that eliminates the search process and ... More

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Published 8 Jul 2012

Do you remember the fuss a while back when Facebook started to roll out their 'find friends nearby' feature and promptly had to withdraw it because they might have 'borrowed' the idea from elsewhere? Well, Friendthem had the patent on the idea and here is that very same (with a few improvements) app which now works in connection with Facebook but independently. I guess the big difference between Friendthem and other social networks is that while the likes of Facebook and Twitter are great at connecting with people they lack a little impetus when it comes to continuing those connections. Friendthem is a real-time application that aims to foster and continue those friendships for all parties mutual benefit.
Friendthem is a location-based, "real time" application that eliminates the search process and allows for both instant social and/or business connections with the people around you. But most importantly, it opens opportunities for connections that can be used either now or later and ensures that a new connection is never lost.  Friendthem's tag line is "Life happens when people connect" because they realize, whether it's business or personal,  lives are enriched through connections with each other.  Friendthem provides a seamless new platform for doing so with the vision to foster both social and business connections right here and right now - on the spot and in real time.  In these times of high unemployment, increased competition for jobs is at a premium and anything that...