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Published 1 Sep 2011

Friv Games takes a novel approach to presenting it's games to you. The home page of the website is filled entirely with the 250 or so free online games that are on offer. 


This is good if you don't like having ads thrust in your face, but it does make it a little bit harder to find the game you are after (unless you memorise its' thumbnail image). Floating over the image does make the name appear in the big yellow "thing" seen below, so all is not lost :-)


The Play Friv Games Homepage pictured above

That aside, the games are good...largely because when a new free online game gets added it causes the least popular game to be dropped. This means that, over the years, the game selection "evolves" in a Darwinian fashion and only the fittest (best) games survive! All good as it stops you having to trawl through bad games to find a good one!


I randomly clicked on "Octopost" - a highly amusing and well presented game where one has to fling an octopus as far as possible, collecting power ups etc in the air/water. The octopus is upgradeable with aero dynamic and propulsion upgrades etc. All good clean fun!


Octopost on Friv Games - well presented and fun


Other important check boxes are duly ticked with no need to pay, leave an email address or hand over private details.


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