Developer description

Fruit Harvest is a funny and challenging game, where you race against time, while picking the happy Fruits before they fall down.

There are a lot of fresh, but sleepy Fruits on the tree. Tap them fast, before they close their eyes, fall asleep, and fall down! But watch out! Tap only that Fruit, what you can see on the top of the screen. You can reach harder and harder new levels, if you harvested enough good Fruits under the time limit.
Enjoy the Fruit Harvest!

How to play Fruit Harvest in 3 easy steps:
1, Check, what kind of Fruit you can see on the top of the screen
2, Tap the desired Fruit before it fall asleep
3, Be as quick as you can

More and more Fruit types!
Harder and harder levels!
Challenge your speed and reflexes!
Post your results on Twitter or Facebook!

This action game is a great fun, very entertaining, even if you only have some minutes, like you traveling or waiting.

Last updated 8 Dec 2014

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