Developer description

Fruity is a brand new exciting app that allows you to express your love for a picture in a different way from the boring old ‘like’ button. Fruity provides an alternative to the available photo sharing apps.

Alongside allowing you to show your appreciation for a photo, Fruity uses the scores collected to place the user on a leaderboard. Fruity has its own overall leaderboard, however, the real fun comes in Fruity’s custom leaderboards. Users are encouraged to create their own leaderboards and add their friends to join. This adds to the fun of Fruity having your own private battles with friends.

Fruity was created with its users experience at heart, therefore, browsing is easy with our clean, elegant interface and minimal load times.
Fruity Goodies:

• Share any photo you desire: selfies, group photos, holiday moments etc.

• Engage with other users' photos and show them how much you really like their photo.

• Battle it out with other users on the Fruity leaderboards for the number 1 spot.

• Create custom leaderboards for you and your friends to privately battle it out.

• Hide your score from other users - our way of saying browse privately!

Can you make it to the summit of the Fruity leaderboard?

Last updated 26 Aug 2015