Developer description

Today a new game app called „Fruityply“ was presented by Nanovo Group and it will surely conquer the hearts of users by storm. Fruityply adds a bit of extra fun into the popular „2048“ game that became a hit in March 2014.
Fruityply is all about collecting fruits, making them bigger and collecting as many as possible points and coins along the way. The most persistent players will have the opportunity to use their collected coins to help them in achieving amazing results. The developers of Fruityply wanted to give the opportunity of playing a great game for all generations.

Fruityply is available for download on iOS and Android devices. Windows Phone 8 and Facebook versions of the app are coming soon as well. It is free for use on all platforms and users pay only for additional features, not affecting the full experience of the basic gameplay. The app contains fun and juicy graphics, crazy sound and visual effects, and once you enter this magical world of fruits it will be very hard to leave your smarphone down.
When the game is over users can start playing again after posting a short message on Facebook or by making an in-app "life“ purchase. Users also have the opportunity to buy coins to continue playing, and the prices start from $ 0,99.
Fruityply is lovingly made by Nanovo Group, a full service development team based in Zagreb, Croatia.

Last updated 16 May 2014

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