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Published 27 Nov 2012

There's plenty of talk lately about the price of petrol . Whether it is the fluctuation of price, your car's fuel efficiency or simply the Iranians forcing up the cost of a barrel with their disruptive techniques, the bottom line is how much it's going to cost you at the bowser. Fuel Monitor is a new productivity application for iOS that calculates the exact cost of your trip based on your specific vehicle type as well as the price of your gas. This is particularly useful when splitting the cost of your trip with friends or, even more importantly, if you have to let your boss know how much your trip cost.
If you have always wanted to have a way of calculating how much your trip will cost you then an app like Fuel Monitor will serve you well. Maybe you need to work out how you can split the cost of a trip with fellow students or you need to let your boss know exactly how much he owes you for the recent delivery or fact-finding mission. Full Monitor takes all the guesswork out of travel expenses by letting its calculator do the work. It bases its figures on your vehicle's speed, the amount of gas used, your vehicle's average consumption, the distance and duration of your trip as well as the price you pad for the gas. You can share your trip's data with your friends or boss or simply keep track of how much gas you’re using. The big difference between this and similar apps is that Fuel Monitor is the only one that uses your GPS to calculate the exact amount, rather than you having to guess the trip's distance. It identifies your location and calculates accurate information based on consumption data provided by manufacturers. The app's "Efficiency Meter" enhances this data by integrating additional information like driving style, traffic jams, accelerations, braking and more. You can estimate the cost of your trip in advance by distance or by address and there is even a function for parking and finding your way back to your vehicle.
It's said that good drivers can knock up to 15% off your monthly fuel bill not to mention reducing your carbon footprint. Fuel Monitor is an easy to use and cool looking app that delivers accurate information to show you just how much gas you guzzle on your road trips. Not only that but it delivers your information in real time meaning, if you are stopping and starting it will recalculate based on traffic conditions whether you are zipping (and getting lost) on highway 60B or stuck in traffic on East Washington Street. Oh and if you are worried that your car won't be in the database let me reassure you because there are 60,000 vehicles listed including my Saab.

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