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Published 7 Oct 2013

[cont'd] provides performance data with one-second resolution so you can easily see if any bad code is hurting the end-user experience and fix it. The app not only monitors performance but also analyzes how it affects growth metrics. A slow website can significantly increase your bounce rate and lower customer engagement, not to mention the potential for slow growth in sales and revenue. The app measures all your business metrics and correlates them with performance as well as delivering deep insights and better metrics like median, percentile and averages. Using drilldown reports you can easily find performance data for a particular page (like home page), country, browser or device.
The app world is moving at an alarmingly fast rate at the moment with numerous factors affecting the performance of your product so it is imperative that the end result for users is a user-friendly experience. With so many apps around it doesn't take much for the casual visitor to get disengaged and move on to a competitor. FuelDeck effectively measures and analyzes the user happiness of your visitors from their point of view to ensure a pleasant all round experience. It measures everything from performance variations over different demographics and devices, customer engagement, retention and conversion and delivers great insight in how the world views your app in just a few seconds.