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Editor's review

Published 7 Sep 2011

Say goodbye to the endless trawl through yellow pages or numerous websites thrown up by Google when you type in “fuel suppliers”. What’s more keep track of what you’re spending and how often with Fuelstart’s one-stop shop for domestic heating fuel.

To find fuel suppliers in your area the home page of Fuelstart.com asks just a couple of simple questions; type of fuel required and zip code. The system will then list all of the relevant suppliers within a selected radius of your given location.

Suppliers signing up to the website can list their product range, contact details and also update changes in fuel prices. This aspect not only provides potential customers with a choice but allows for a level of price comparison too.

In addition to providing a fuel supplier directory service Fuelstart can also help you keep track on all of your fuel purchases and usage on a month to month and year to year basis. A free sign up gains you access to a control panel where you can list fuel type, amount and date purchased and the price. The resulting calculations are presented on a series of graphs showing not only the usage but also comparisons with the previous year. This aspect is a useful way of analyzing heavy usage months with a view to perhaps making savings at those times.

The same free sing up allows you to set reminders for things like checking your oil tank or paying a particular energy bill which can be based on previous purchase dates.

The site also has a couple of simple calculators that allow users to work out monthly fuel usage costs and also the real cost of heating based on the efficiency of a given appliance.

Users of the site are encouraged to post any fuel prices they have come across and there are also a number of forums on it for discussions about all fuel related topics.

A simple free to use service that will save time and ensure users have plenty of information to hand to make an informed decision about where they buy their heating fuel. The tracking and usage aspects of the site will also help consumers become more aware of where additional savings could be made.

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