Developer description

There are a number of apps that are launched regularly on the Google Play Store. Some are paid while the others are freely available. Fun Dots is currently a name that is making its way through the Google play store. The difference that makes this application unique is that it is a great stress buster. Not only this, this app values its users more and has been developed to provide all the subscribers with that amount of satisfaction that they desire. There are free coupons that are being offered. The Fun Dots application falls in the category of ‘puzzle’. This is easily available on Google Play Store and can be played by members of any age group.
Get some relief from your daily tensions and at the same time win exciting gift coupons! What can be more tempting than this? If you are feeling stressed, depressed or simply looking for some refreshment this is the perfect game for you. Take a quick escape from your regular boring life with this game. Fun Dots is a simple, fast and unbelievably addictive game. Many have already downloaded this game and enjoying it. We all live a very hard-core life and we are not left with any time for ourselves. We don’t even get time to go out on vacations. Thus, we slowly get into a state of chronic stress which can lead to serious health issues. In today’s highly competitive market we are all running after achieving our goals and whenever we simply miss out on any opportunity or just can’t fulfill our dreams we get into despair and depression. Often due to this we misbehave with our loved ones. This kind of situation can easily be avoided with the help of our stress-relieving and simply mood boosting game. After playing this game you will instantly feel de-stressed and joyful.
Fun Dots is suitable for students and children also as we all know that their life has also become very complicated. Apart from giving some relief, this game can also help in growing their concentration level which in return can help in their studies immensely. We aim at making this world more beautiful and happier. In this game we are also giving attractive free coupons which can be earned very easily. The easiest way to grab one such coupon is to just download the game and reach the top of the leaderboard by submitting your scores. Other than that uploading just a screenshot too might turn you lucky. There are a number of promotional offers that are present in our Facebook page. Don’t miss out on this unique deal we are offering! Watch this space for more breathtaking offers that we are coming up with. So, Download the game now and start living a stress-free life.
Let us know how you liked this game and what new games you would want us to make. We are looking forward to your reviews. Happy playing!

Last updated 4 Oct 2017