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Owning boats and other "Grown-up Toys" can be expensive. Why not rent out your boat, jet ski, ATV, or snowmobile the days it is not in use.

Fun2Rent provides boat owners with the opportunity to earn money by renting out their boat in a safe, insured environment. The extra income made from renting can then by used by owners to make boat payments or to cover the cost of maintenance or gas. Instead of having their boat repossessed and their credit scores sunk, Fun2Rent allows boat owners to turn their boats into money generators.

For owners who may have previously considered renting their boat but decided not to due to liability concerns and worries about potential damage to their boat, Fun2Rent is the answer. Every person that rents through Fun2Rent must take a quiz on operation and key safety features of the vehicle. More importantly, every renter must purchase comprehensive, collision, and liability coverage through Fun2Rent and pay a deposit to cover the deductible. Fun2Rent also has a ratings system, so owners can see if other owners have had a positive experience dealing with a renter.

Last updated 3 Sep 2012

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