Developer description

Funcidy ! Funcidy !! Funcidy!!!

Are you a filmmaker or content creator?

Are you a fan of exotic and exciting discoveries?

Have you ever thought of going to theatre live on your mobile phones?

Well, Funcidy is a social network that is going to make those happen.

Go to Google play now to download the app "Funcidy"

Funcidy is a social network that provides unlimited features lacking from other networks such as watching live movies, music videos and the likes while simultaneously providing the benefit of connecting with friends and family members. Funcidy allows users to follow and be followed unlimitedly; they can post pictures, status and/or tweet without limitation. In addition, they can make audio and video calls. Why this another social network? The rising issues of online stalking and the pandemic triggers the creator of Funcidy to come up with the best solution.

Funcidy is not designed to compete with any other social network. It brings its own unique features, and it is designed to help aspiring individuals, marketers, bloggers, podcast hosts, radio hosts, actors, comedians, moviemakers, singers, rappers, beat makers, producers and songwriters to connect with global audience. Family members and friends can utilize the private chat (audio and video calls) feature, and they can post pictures and videos of memories


Last updated 6 Apr 2021