Developer description

Funding Jar is giving everyday people the tools to raise money online.  

Are you looking for fundraising ideas?  Have you ever had to deal with fundraisers that are a headache?  It takes a lot of work to sell candy and coupons just to raise money for your cause.  There is an easier way.

The fact is, the people who are supporting fundraisers and buy these types products typically are only doing so to help support the cause and the people involved; not because they want a good deal.  

Funding Jar cuts out the middleman and the products involved so you can focus on just raising money, not juggling a stack of coupon books at your house.  

It's free to get started with Funding Jar.  You can setup a fundraiser called a Jar.  This is your own custom page that you can upload pictures, videos and a description of why you are raising money.

Funding Jar has sharing tools built in to get the word out.  It’s easy to utilize Facebook, Twitter and email to reach out to  anyone in the world to share your cause to help raise those much needed funds

All of your donations go directly into your PayPal account securely and quickly.  This way you don’t have to worry about collecting checks or cash.  You’ll save money on postage and eliminate the chance of someone forgetting to send you a donation in the mail.

So how does Funding Jar make money?  Glad you asked.  When donations are received Funding Jar keeps 4.5% of the donation.  If you don’t receive any donations you don’t pay a penny.  

Get started on your own fundraising or check out what’s going on at

Last updated 22 Jun 2012