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Fundjoy is a Web 3.0 suite of fundraising applications that combine web, mobile, e-commerce and ... More

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Published 20 Dec 2011

Fundraising can be an awful lot of hard work if you are not well organized. While you could easily wander the streets of your town with a bucket in your hand and a funny costume to wear it's not the most productive way of maximizing your fundraising ability. Personally I must get two or three phone calls a day from very worthy causes asking me to donate. That's one way of doing it but there are plenty of other avenues to pursue. Social networking sites, Skype, SMS, GTalk, mobile phones, email and other fundraising ideas are all fair game and should be considered. And that's where Fundjoy fits into the picture very nicely. This free fundraising app gives you everything you need to discover the moneymaking capabilities of all those avenues.
FundJoy is a suite of Web 3.0 applications that combine the strengths of web, mobile, social media and e-commerce - all of which these applications have powerful uses in the Fundraising segment. FundJoy offers these leading edge applications to organizations interested in fundraising at affordable rates utilizing a Software-As-A-Service model. To use Fundjoy is simple. Customers interact totally over the web via a secure login and there is no software to install. It is easy to set up and get started. Fundjoy makes it easy to create marketing campaigns for your fundraising projects using a powerful messaging platform. You can reach audiences via email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, GTalk, and much more. These messaging notifications...