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FunEasyLearn - the app that offers the world’s biggest language learning courses

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Published 1 Feb 2020

It's a sad state of affairs but only 20% of students in America learn a foreign language. However, in Europe, that figure sits at over 90%! In Australia, while 73% of households identified as English speaking, only 21% can speak a different language while in Canada, of course, there are two official languages - English and French. Naturally, as the world becomes more multicultural, the figures for language learning continue to rise. There are a number of reasons for that. There are more people traveling between countries these days than ever before, more people studying and there are more people working in foreign countries than at any point in our history. While there are a plethora of online language learning methods available to us, many tend to nail us to our home computer in order to learn. Many experts suggest that the best way to learn a new language is to use two different apps together to get a better overview of a language. FunEasyLearn should probably be one of them as it is a comprehensive language learning app that gives you the chance to learn on the run and from the comfort of your very own smartphone. 

FunEasyLearn is a new e-learning language app for iOS and Android that offers one of the world's largest language learning courses for all kinds of situations and all levels of language skills. Of all the language apps out there on the market, this one offers the biggest and amplest vocabulary-builder...