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A better way to learn a language while 'on the go'

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Published 1 Feb 2020

[cont'd] of them all. For starters there's an alphabet with letters, reading rules and exceptions, over 6,000 words - updated on a regular basis - including nouns, verbs and adjectives etc. categorized into 26 topics and 157 subtopics and 5,000 frequently used phrases that have been categorized into 20 topics and 120 subtopics that cover any daily life or travelling situations. There's even a free version with 500 words and 350 sentences to get you started. The app offers access to 34 different language courses that can be learned from 61 mother tongues and covers the language requirements of around 95% of the world population. 

The app lives up to its name by offering a 'game-based' approach to language learning by making it fun as well as productive. It features 30 different learning games with ten levels of difficulty ranging from beginner to expert. Your performance is analyzed and reported back to you with detailed stats and solid feedback as to how you are doing. There's a great little search engine that allows you to work in both the language you are learning and in your mother tongue and you can hide the things that you know or words you don't want to learn in order to speed things up. The smart review manager is there to give you a quick reminder of words and sentences that you could forget so that they can easily be revised. 

FunEasyLearn is very kid friendly and...