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Modify your photos to create great and witty memes for your Facebook feed

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Now you can create custom Funny Picture for Facebook comment reply easily. FunnyPicMaker is a ... More

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Published 29 Sep 2013

I guess we all know by now what a meme is?  Well actually, you may not know it specifically by name but I'm sure that most of us can certainly relate to those funny little photos that turn up on our Facebook pages with a witty comment attached to them. For future reference - that's a meme. According to its Wikipedia definition a meme is  "an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture via the Internet." So, in other words, it's a viral photo that spreads a message that is often, but certainly not always, rather witty. FunnyPicMaker is a free meme creator and generator for Facebook that lets you produce your own witty or wise memes quickly and easily.
We've all seen the meme that turns up and illustrates our Facebook pages and many of them get shared and turn 'viral' but do you ever actually create any of them ourself, I wonder? Using an application like FunnyPicMaker you can create your very own custom made funny pictures for Facebook - complete with witty and relevant stickers and comments that can be attached. FunnyPicMaker is a free, fast and very easy tool to create funny picture with a comprehensive collection of warpable meme backgrounds and stickers to go with them that can be used  for making a witty point on your Facebook page. This easy to use photo design fun application gives you everything you need. Just pick your background photo from the selection and plonk your witty one liner on the top of it and away you go. There are heaps of categories to choose from that range from animals to cartoons to movie stars and with witty phrases from happy to cool to just plain silly. However, if you dont find one that suits what you need its simple just to use and modify your own photos.
Like them or loathe them, I think it's pretty safe to say that the meme is now a constant part of the Internet and social media phenomenon. It's a very easy and totally free way to create your own witty memes to amaze your friends and bring a smile to your friends' faces or to just illustrate a point that you wish to make. The big difference between this meme creator and many others, however, is in its ability to warp and modify the background photos that you use and the fact that you aren't simply limited to pictures in the system as you can use your own. To make it really easy you can just use your webcam to capture your picture and have your meme on the screen in minutes.

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