Developer description

FunWhisper breaks all barriers to things YOU enjoy doing with friends and others in the real world!
(ie. passions & hobbies, sports & fitness, recreational activities, private parties, music events, food tastings, cultural happenings, etc):

- Quit searching! Get simple notifications when your favorite activities & events are about to happen near you--at home, or while travelling abroad (strictly based on your interests & zero spam)

- Put the word out for extra ‘spots’ at your own event and make it special by letting like-minded new faces "apply to join" your exclusive happening! (FB Events, G+ Events, Meetup Events, etc)

- Easily share with friends and the world any cool activities & events you come across or hear about! (FB, G+, Twitter)

- Post your own ideas for activities & events and find like-minded friends or others to make them happen!

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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