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Fuseboard frees up your organization to socially connect and collaborate around business ... More

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Published 26 Aug 2013

The only thing that really needs to be said about this social project management application is that if every business used it, the world would be a better (and certainly better organized) place. Fuseboard is a safe and secure, cloud-based business application that provides a comprehensive platform for all your connections and collaborations while adding, amongst other things, a familiar-looking social element to proceedings. This powerful and beautifully put together set of tools delivers an advanced CRM and a truly classy project management tool that provides an intranet for your workers as well as a superior social feed for your visitors and fellow business allies.
Fuseboard frees up your organization to socially connect and collaborate around all of your business essentials. The developers realized that the business model has always been based on a social ideology, so why not connect and communicate by introducing a social element that looks and feels exactly like a familiar social network like Facebook. Fuseboard give you powerful tools to collaborate around deals, tickets, projects, documents, tasks and more. No more email communication between your team because, as with your regular social network, you can easily collaborate within the one dedicated site leading to a better informed, happier and more productive team.
Fuseboard brings all of your related updates, tasks, documents and events together in a simple, organized dashboard. So, no matter which deal, ticket or project you're working on, you'll always have easy access to them immediately, wherever you are. Link to Google Documents, videos or just upload Microsoft Office documents. If you're using Dropbox, attaching files is effortless. Import contacts from Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Google Contacts or just about anything else you have in a CSV formator export data and visualize in the tools you prefer such as Microsoft Office and Google Sheets or others.
There's very little to criticize about Fuseboard, to be honest. It features an elegant, nicely designed and easy to use interface that has obviously been well-considered and designed to flow naturally. There are detailed analytics with re-built reports revealing a great overview of all your projects and forecasts for the future. Set up is a breeze because it's all kept very securely in the cloud and you can view your business wherever you are and whenever you want. Finally, for added reliability, Fuseboard is hosted by the best in the business - Amazon's Web Services. Let's face it, this very social project management application is the top of the line. They seem to have thought of everything.

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